Random Event Table

A.                RANDOM EVENTS.

1.                  At the end of each turn, the GM will roll for random events.  If an event occurs it will take effect for the following turn.

Dice Roll



Despair of the Gods.  One die is rolled.  On a 1 – Fimbulvetr; 2 – Plague; 3 – the Kraken Unleashed; 4 - Decimation; 5 – The Beast; 6 - Cursed.


Poor Harvest.  Resource Points are reduced by half.


Extreme Weather.  Heavy snows in winter. Heavy Rains in Spring and Fall.  Dust Storms in Summer.  All lines of supply are reduced to 1 hex.  All BGs may only move half maximum allowance.


Change of Seasons.  The seasons advance (e.g. summer to fall).


No event.


No event.


Change of Seasons.  The seasons advance (e.g. summer to fall).


Stormy Seas.  Any ships at sea must roll one die.  On a 1-3 they arrive safely, on a 4-5 they are blown off course, and on a 6 the ship is lost.


Bumper Harvest.  Resource Points are doubled.


Magical Flux.  One die is rolled.  On a 1 or 2 - magical energy wanes; 3 or 4 -  magical energy waxes; 5 or 6 – gates to the under/otherworld close.


Favor of the Gods.  One die is rolled.  On a 1 – Relic/Hero; 2 – Heroic favor; 3 – Battle Favor; 4 – Mercy; 5 – Posidon's Favor; 6 – Harbringer.

Fimbulvetr: The next turn is automatically Winter, and it stays winter until the next Change of Seasons Event at which time the weather returns to the normal season.
Plague: Every BG takes one step loss.   (Except Magicians.)

The Kraken Unleashed: The Kraken destroys all ships at sea, and razes one random port city or town.
Decimation: One random general from each player is killed.

The Beast:  A Mythic Monster is unleashed into the Mortal Realm at a random portal.  It moves 1-6 hexes in a random direction each turn.  It will attack any forces it runs into and Raze any town, city or castle it crosses.
Cursed:  Each player must assign the Fop characteristic to one general.

Magical Energy Wanes:  Each player only receives 1 Mana per Place of Power.
Magical Energy Waxes: Each player receives 5 Mana per Place of Power.

Gates to the Otherworld Closed: No travel between worlds in the next turn.
Relic/Hero:  A Relic is put into play, or each player receives a Hero/Champion.

Heroic Favor: Each player may add Valorous to one general.
Battle Favor: Each player may add a +1 Battle Modifier to one combat.

Mercy: One general killed or captured in combat escapes and is returned to your capital.
Poseidon’s Favor: Each player may invoke this Favor to have an automatically successful sea move.

Harbringer:  Each player receives a Harbringer of their god(s) which is added to their Battlegroups.

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