Sunday, December 29, 2013

AWI Battle

American War of Independence Game fought using Black Powder.
British Forces
American Forces
1st Brigade 1st Brigade
Light Infantry 2 Continental Line
2 Grenadiers 1 Militia (skirm)
2nd Brigade 2nd Brigade
2 Line Infantry 3 Continental Line
Light Infantry 1 Riflemen
3rd Brigade 3rd Brigade
2 Line Infantry 2 Continental Line
Highlanders Continental Marines
1 Riflemen
2 Light Dragoons Cavalry
2 Dragoons
Artillery (2 guns)
Artillery (2 guns)
Unit Type Weapons H-to-H Shooting Mrl Sv Stamina Useful Rules
British Grenadiers Infantry Smoothbore Musket    8 4 4+ 4 First Fire, Crack, Steady
British Line Infantry Smoothbore Musket    6 3 4+ 3 First Fire, Crack, Steady
British Light Infantry Smoothbore Musket    6 4 4+ 3 First Fire, Crack, Steady
Highlanders Infantry Smoothbore Musket    6 2 4+ 2 Small, First Fire, Crack, Steady
British Dragoons Cavalry Sword & Pistol    5 - 4+ 2
6-pounder Artillery Smoothbore    1 3\2\1 4+ 2
Continental Infantry Infantry Smoothbore Musket    6 3 4+ 3 First Fire
Continental Marines Infantry Smoothbore Musket    6 3 4+ 3 First Fire, Crack, Steady
NH Line Infantry Smoothbore Musket    5 2 4+ 2 Small, First Fire
Militia Infantry Smoothbore Musket    3 2 4+ 2 Small, First Fire
Rilfes Infantry Rifled Musket    3 3 4+ 2 Small, First Fire
6-pounder Artillery Smoothbore    1 3\2\1 4+ 2


First moves. Both armies have moved up from their initial deployments.

British are advancing on the attack.  The Continentals have moved up to defend along the road.

Overview after the first moves.

Initial contact in the center.

 Cavalry action on the flank. The cavalry fight proves indecisive, and remains that way throughout the battle.
General advance of the British line.
Charge to contact.
British Grenadiers clear the American guns.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday American War of Independence Game

Played a small AWI game using Black Powder against my brother.  I had the British attacking across a bridge and ford against the defending Americans.

View from the British end of the table.

View from the American end of the table.

The Grenadiers come under fire as they advance.

The Grenadiers had broken, leaving the following regulars to clear out the defenders.

The American lines.

Light Dragoons clash in the village.

British Highlander and Light Brigade come over the hill.  - finally.

On the American left.

Fighting over the fields on the American left.

The British left.

Things are still undecided at this point.  Both sides have had a few battalions quit the field. 2 for the Americans, 3 for the British.

The Americans win the initiative on the next turn after their move and fire.  The two rounds of combat on the British are punishing breaking the loyalist cavalry and the Highlanders.  With the breaking of these two units the British army is forced to surrender the field.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Now time for the battle before the big dinner.  Fought using Hail Ceasar with fantasy additions taken from Warmaster.  The dark elves were stalled in the center due to failed command rolls and only advanced on the flanks.  The Allies matched these moves and fighting was mostly limited to the flanks.  Until the allies moved up in the center.  This was finally matched by the dark elves, but they were slowly pushed back until the center broke.  On the right the elven light cavalry made short work of the werewolves and came in on the dark elf flank.  On the dark elf left, the fighting was indecisive and stalled.

Elven light cavalry ride along the river to flank the enemy.

Dark Elves on the left, Allies on the right.

From the other end of the table.  Allies on the left, Dark Elves on the right.

Right flank cavalry.

Kobolds hold the left.

Heavy cavalry in the center.

Elven heavy cavalry on the left.

Fighting on the flank.

Commanders' duel.  Sir Belamor defeats Argonthor.

Elven light cavalry attacks the werewolves in the village.

The elven heavy cavalry battle dire wolves in the wheat fields.

Pushing into the town.

The Balrog defeats the elven champion.

The werewolves are destroyed.

The elven heavy cavalry have defeated the direwolves and advance on the Dark Elf line.

Driving through town into the second lines.

Heavy cavalry clash