Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Not Teugen-Hausen Part 2

Part two of the battle.
The French have steadily pushed the Russians back off the ridgeline.  However, there are only 2 turns left for the French to push them all the way to the river to achieve victory.

In the end the French could not push the Austrians off of the ridge before nightfall.  The Austrians had one brigade routed, one worn and one spent, white the French had only one brigade worn.  The French achieved a marginal victory 7-1, but were unable to gain control of the ridge and continue their advance.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Not Teugen-Hausen

"Teugen-Hausen" using Age of Eagles rules in 28mm.  Russians have been substituted for the Austrians since I don't have any.  Figure scale has been changed to 1 stand represents 240 men.   Since we used 28mm figures, all movement and ranges were doubled.  Orders of Battle:

The French

III Corps – Davout
                Corps Troops
                                Reserve Artillery
                4th Division – Saint Hilaire
                                Bde Lorencez
                                                10th eme legere     E 9/6/4 Sk light
3rd eme ligne         9/7/5 Sk line
                                                57th eme ligne       9/7/5 Sk line
                                Bde Destanbenrath
                                                72nd eme ligne       9/7/5 Sk line
                                                105th eme ligne     9/7/5 Sk line
                                Div. Artillery
                2nd Division – Friant
                                Bde Gilly
                                                33rd eme Ligne     E 9/6/4 Sk line
                                Bde Grandeau
                                                108th eme Ligne   3/-/2 Sk line
                                                111th eme Ligne   6/5/3 Sk line
                                Bde Barbanegne
                                                48th eme Ligne      6/5/3 Sk line
                                Div. Artillery
                3rd Division – Gudin
                                7th eme Legere                      E 3/2/- Sk light

The Russians

 Allied Army – CIC Langeron
                Corps Troops
                                Position Bty
                                Heavy Bty
                Advance Guard - Rudzewitsch
                                Jaeger #20                             8/6/4 Sk Light
                                Derpt Mounted Jager          6/5/3
                                Livland Mtd Jager               6/5/3
                                HA Bty
                9th Division – Udom
                                Bde Poltaralzki
                                                Naschburg IR       9/7/5
                                                Apsheronski IR    9/7/5
                                                Pos bty
                15th Division – Korniloff
                                Bde Torin
                                                Vitebesk IR           9/7/5
                                                Kaslow IR             9/7/5
                                Bde Tichanowski
                                                Jager #12               E 9/6/4
                                                Jager #22               E 9/6/4
                                Pos Bty
                Reserve Corps - Bachmetiev
                                Bde Tallisin
                                                Vitebesk IR           6/5/3
                                                Kolyvan IR           6/5/3
                                                Jager #4                 E 6/4/2 Sk Light
                                Bde Zapolski
                                                Vladimir IR           6/5/3
                                                Dnieper IR            6/5/3
                                                Jager #28               E 6/4/2 Sk Light

 The Battle - Opening positions.

The battle after 5-6 turns of play.
View from the French end of the Table

View from the Russian end of the Table

The Russian left is weakening

Russian reinforcements moving up to shore the left.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

28mm Prussian Cavalry

28mm Prussian Cavalry. Old Glory figures.
12 Hussars (red)
12 Hussars (yellow)
10 Dragoons
8 Dragoons
6 x 8 Cuirassier
General Zeiten

The Cuirassier Regiments