Saturday, July 28, 2012

Historicon 2012

I was only able to attend Historicon this year on Saturday.  But, it was a good day.  The venue is very good, I especially liked that everything, gaming rooms and exhibit hall, were all so close.  Got to play in two games: a Sword and the Flame Sudan game and Dreadnaughts of Mars.  Both were lots of fun and had a great bunch of players.

There were four of us playing the Sudan game.  I was one of the Mahdist players and in the end suffered a crushing defeat.  The scenario envisioned the Mahdists fighting a defensive battle to hold the towns along the Nile.  Well, defensive fighting is no fun and we decided attacking would be much better.  At least the game highlighted why you need lots of Mahdists to attack the British in the open.  The highlight of the game was when we tried to storm the British gunboat as it was landing marines.  Unfortunately, after killing one of the rear deck gunners, the second held off the entire Mahdist boarding party.

The Mahdist last stand.

Crimean game that had just finished.

Skydreadnaughts of Mars.  Set after the League of Allied Nations invasion of Mars in retaliation of the Martian attack on Earth.  The Martians, and expatriot disgruntled humans, have attempted to rally and throw the League back to Earth.  Here, the League sent a Sky Dreadnaught Fleet and ground force to reduce the skyship construction yards of the Nefarious Dr. Xao.  Light-hearted, beer swilling game which was great fun for all.

Transformers in 15mm played at the table next to the Sudan game.  My son played the Autobots and participated in a great victory over the Fallen.

Pride of Lions game that was kicking off on Saturday Night as we finished the Sky Dreadnaughts game.

Some other games from Saturday evening.

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