Sunday, November 6, 2016

FALLIN - Saturday, November 5, 2016

Our first game.  Pegasus Bridge.  This was a fun game with a new set of rules hosted by the rules author.  The Germans held the bridge and pretty much handed it to the British paras.  But it was tense, with lots of interesting decision points along the way.

Set up.  The Germans have two, not so good, squads guarding the bridge.  The Germans in the river are reinforcements that come in on the second turn.

First turn the British are swarming the position with little resistance.

Turn two, the German counter-attack.  Grenadiers take a position in the rocky cover along the river to pin the paras that captured the bunker.  The germans were also able to get a squad of grenadiers into the control tower (the main objective) before the paras.

The German HQ squad arrives with the Panzer IV.  The tank opens up on the paras in the bunker.  It missed, but has them ranged in. 

The paras in the bunker had to make a choice. Stay put and endure the shelling of the tank, retreat, or assault the germans in the rocky ground, or the control tower.  They choose to assault the germans in the rocky ground.  They failed, attacking outnumbered and a defender in a solid defensive position.  The germans were able to retake the bunker, killing or capturing an entire squad of paras.  This proved to be the turning point of the game.

The British Command section moved up to bring the PIAT to bear on the germans in the bunker.  They destroyed a halftrack but failed against the bunker.  They did, however, successfully repel an assault by the other halftrack.

The game was called as a German victory.

Our Second Game.  Fury Road!  Another fun game.  The miniatures were all custom made and extremely well done.  It really looked and felt like to movie.  The hosts passed out cards to the players for them to select their cars.  I had the last card.  But, oddly, everyone wanted to be a warboy. By the time it got to me, Furiosa was still unpicked.  So that was my character.

The War Rig.

Very first move of the game.  Warboy rams the rig, damaging a tire, but exploding and burning, killing all the warboys. 

Second move of the game.  The second warboy tries to a little more finesse, but with no different result.

Imortan Joe is in play.

Furiosa jinks left, smashing Imortan Joe, who starts a chain reaction crash.  Warboys and Imortan Joe are flung through the air.

A warboy throws his lance at the trailer, but hits Rictus, blowing him up and killing him.

The warboys have managed to destroy all the tires of the trailer.  Max has climbed back to unhook the trailer to make their escape.  He has been joined by Nux.

This is as far as we were able to get before having to leave and make the drive home.  Max unhooked the trailer, and through Nux off the rig.  There was a trail of wrecked cars and dead warbles, but Immortan Joe was still in the chase. 

Games from around the rooms.

Don't forget the Dealer Hall.  Lot's of good stuff here, although all I bought was a Cigar Box game mat.  It is really nice, and I expect it to get a lot of use.