Sunday, November 9, 2014

Friday Evening at Fallin 2014

Was only able to attend Fallin on Friday, but was able to play in some fun games.  Played Star Trek Attack Wing for the first time.  The game is a lot of fun and will be trying Star Wars with my son.  Also played in a Sword and the Flame Game of the Herrero War, a fun game in an interesting period.

Now, here are the pictures,

Attack on Fort DeRussy - 14 March 1864

Saga-Cross & Cresent, Mututawi'a and Saracens vs Crusaders and Templars

A couple of random shots of games

Last Stand at Hamakari (German South-West Africa, 1904)
Roy Jones put on a really good game.  He is certainly enthusiastic and knowlegable.  Thanks, Roy.  From the PEL: The Hereros have surrounded a major German HQ detachment, sparking a fight for the Hamakari waterholes. Will the Germans take the offensive and seize the waterholes? Or will the Hereros break through the German line of infantry and artillery, overrun the wireless station, and isolate the Germans from all possible help? From the new scenario book "The Herero War". More at

The advancing German column

First attack on the water holes

Each turn the Germans would take rifle fire from off table in all directions

German artillery bombards the village, while the infantry try to take the water holes.

The command staff try to radio for help. They never got the radio to work.

Fight for the water holes

Casualties on both sides were very high, especially amongst officers.

Hereros attack the German command at the radio

As the Germans slowly advanced on the water holes we had to call it a night since we still had to drive home.
Little Big Horn

Marengo in 10mm

More Napoleonics in 25mm

In the Sudan. 
The Battle of Hashin March 21, 1885

Spanish Civil War, Belchite, 1937

Into The Darkness: Star Trek Attack Wing.

And then some action in the skies in WWI

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