Sunday, July 1, 2012

Campaign Turn 8

TURN 8 (Winter, 2495)

EVENT – (8) Change of Season.  Turn 9 will be Spring.  Turns out to have been a short mild winter.

            The Draakheeri capture the towns of Haredsweald, Sapheri and Marazan.

            The Voystroyans capture the town of Wickford.

            The Dwaffen engage a scorched earth strategy razing Galish Green, Hasturas, Galish Amerik, Geneet and Grymhylde.  The Dwaffen also capture the towns of Shumeru, Gidon, Scalus, Rhymes, Semerang and Axanar.

            Xanthus razes the city of Segara and marches to Hasturas.

The Masovians capture the city of Narngahar, and issue the following proclomation:

"Hail Mighty Draak, in retaliation and recompense Masovia claims all lands West of the Narngahar River, North of the Narn Forest and the river Iving; East of the Werewood Forest and East of the Kerak Mountains as Masovia.  If you will agree to honor these boundries, peace will be restored and Narngahar will be returned.  Batorsky, Grand Master of the Brotherhood of the Sword"

Hex 1206 (Portal F1) - Landsdraak Foffen takes the 4 Pikemen, 3 bolt throwers and 1 war mammoth at Grymhylde and 1 soldaten from the 2nd Anvil and attacks from three hexes (1206, 1106, 1105) to take back the F1 portal site.  The portal is defended by one Nastrond wyvrrn.  The battle is a Dwaffen victory.  Nastrond defender is eliminated.  As soon as the area is secured the soldaten engineer rebuilds the portal.

Nergal - The Draakheeri Thane(Great Captain) commanding 1 harbringer, 1 paladin, 1 raptor, 2 slashers, 1 hippogryph, 1 ballista, 2 elementals, 2 rangers assaults the Nastrond city of Nergal.  Nergal is defended by a Dreadlord (charismatic, engineer, vainglorious, manuever, plodder) and 12 skeleton guards.  The battle is a Nastrond victory.  The Draaks sustain 24 strength losses.  Nastrond sustains 18 strength losses.  Thane places Nergal under siege.

Army positions at the end of Turn 8

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