Sunday, July 28, 2013


TURNS 13 through 16:
Jormundar launches a raid in force to lay siege to the Masovian capital of Thrudvang.  The raiders escape the Masovian and Draakheeri relief forces, but give up the siege.
Jormundar with the Gargyln then invades Formoria in force capturing Tchernobog, Toschenko and the capital of Keris.  The Jormundarians hold off the relief of Keris by the Fomorians, but the later assault by the Dwaffen recaptures the city.  Jormundar invades the Dwaffenreich capturing Segara.
Xanthus and his demon/undead army captures Bog-a-hat.  However, the Dreadlord Araya is killed in second battle for the city after capturing Berengaria.
The Draakheeri launch a massive seaborne invasion of Jormundar along with assistance from the Dwaffen Griffenen raiders.

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