Sunday, October 5, 2014

Napoleonics in Progress

French, Prussians and Russians in progress.

Work continues on the Napoleonic project.  I recently acquired a Prussian army in a trade.  That gives me a complete side.  Painted up 3 battalions of Russians for the allied side.  Have two completed battalions of French line, one of Vistula Legion, and 4 more French line on deck.

I still waiver on the basing.  I like the big battalions, 36 French in 6 companies of 6 figures.  But they take up a lot of room on the table.  My alternate basing is 6 bases of 3 on 40mm by 30mm bases.




Brigade, Order Mixte
Battalions in Line - 36 figures, either 2 battalions 6x3 or 1 battalion 6x6

6 bases of 6 or 6 bases of 3 in Battalion by Division

Vistula Legion - 6 bases of 6, Battalion formed in Line

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