Monday, October 6, 2014

Seven Years War, Prussia vs Russia, 1757

"Gross-Jagersdorf, 1757"

Based loosely on the scenario for Gross-Jagersdorf from the Edinburgh Wargame's Journal.
Prussian Forces, CinC  Field Marshal Lehwaldt
8th Hussars (Belling’s)
            6th Dragoons (Schorlemer’s)
            7th Dragoons (Plettenberg)
            4/16 Grenadiers  
            1/2  Grenadiers        
            Inf. Rgt. 11 (Rebentisch) – 2 btns
            Inf. Rgt. 16 (C. Dohna) – 2 btns

Russian Forces, CinC  Field Marshal Apraxin
            Heir Apparent Cuirassiers
            Rizhskii (Riga) Horse Grenadiers
            Nizhegorodski Dragoons
            1st Grenadier Rgt. – 2 btns
            Vologdski Rgt.       – 2 btns
            Uglinski Rgt. – 2 btns
            Tyutchev’s Battery (Medium)
            Sibirski Rgt. – 2 btns
            Nevski Rgt. – 2 btns
Manteuffel's Brigade

Gaugreben's Cavalry Brigade and Leontev's Infantry Brigade

Dohna's Brigade

Manteuffel's Brigade

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