Monday, June 13, 2016

15mm Fantasy Battle - Kingdom of Men vs the Wild

Fantasy battle in 15mm.  The Kingdom of Men vs the Wild.

Kingdom of Men / Imperial Army:
     Left: 8 (stands) light cavalry, 18 auxiliary (medium) infantry, 2 artillery, 4 heavy cavalry, 8 medium cavalry
     Center: 10 light infantry, 6 medium infantry, 26 foot knights, 4 artillery, 3 heavy cavalry, 15 pike
     Right: 19 heavy cavalry

The Wild:
     Left: 2 superheavy cavalry (rhinos), 12 heavy cavalry, 3 heavy cavalry, 2 light chariots
     Center: 36 barbarian (warrior) infantry, 16 beastmen, 12 kobolds, 9 skirmishers, 4 behemoths, 4 hobgoblins, 4 satyr warriors, 3 half-trolls, 2 trolls, 4 ogres, 4 minotaurs
     Right:  12 centaurs, 10 wolves/wargs

Opening positions.  Kingdom heavy cavalry have begun their advance on the left.

Opening positions from above the Wild lines.

Heavy cavalry crossing the stream.

Kingdom right.

Wild light troops and great war beasts advance.

Wild heavy cavalry.

First contact. Heavy cavalry clash at the stream.

Kobolds in the center advance

skirmish lines clash in the center

Right-center main battle line

Knights crossing the stream on the right

Left-center main battle line

Pushed back on the left


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  1. Wow! This is a true mammoth Fantasy Battle Dante- it's huge!.... Would be great to participate in such a large Battle. Do admire all your miniatures. Looking forwards to your next big Fantasy Battle in 2018? Regards. KEV.