Monday, July 4, 2016

Dwarves vs Chaos (15mm Fantasy Battle)

15mm Fantasy  - Dwarves vs. Chaos.
Magic's battle. Fought using Tactica rules.  The dwarves are using a "Roman" army while chaos is a "Carthagenian army"

Opening Setup
Dwarves Army on the Left, Chaos Warrior Army on the Right

View from the Dwarven Lines

Chaos Marauder Cavalry and Warbeasts

Center of the Chaos lines - Chaos Marauders behind kobold skirmishers

Chaos Centaur light cavalry

View from the Chaos lines

Dwarven allies - Elven Heavy Cavalry

Dwarves heavy infantry in the center

Dwarves heavy infantry

Dwarves allied Elven light cavalry

First Move

Skirmishers and cavalry advance

Second Turn

Skirmishers fight in the center.  Heavy cavalry clash on the far end of the line.

From the chaos side of the battle

Eastman and Chaos Marauders

Third turn


Chaos Lord at the center

Dwarven handgunners loose their no effect.

Turn Four

The main battle lines connect

Turn Five

Main Battlelines

Turn Six

Centaurs have routed the allied Elven Light Cavalry

To the end

The right side of the chaos battle line starts to break

First dwarf unit breaks
The elves have routed one chaos heavy cavalry and take on the second
Centaurs have outflanked the dwarf line

The chaos lord attacks the dwarf champion

The chaos battle line falters and breaks
Dwarf victory!

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