Sunday, June 17, 2012

Battle of Geneet

The Battle of Geneet.  The Arch-liche Xanthus' invasion of the Dwaffenreich (Dwarven homeland).  The battel was fought using "For the Masses" ruleset. 
Xanthus' starting positions.

Starting positions.  Xanthus on left, Dwaffen (dwarves) on the right.

First moves.  Xanthus advances on the left.

Dwaffen skirmish lines eliminated by the werewolves and hounds.

The Dwaffen center breaks.

Werewolves and Trolls charge into the gap.

The Panzeren (dwarven heavy infantry) hold the line.

The Panzeren send the trolls packing.

The Dwaffen decide to break off and retreat.

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  1. Very complete 15mm Fantasy Battle report Dante. More Fantasy games in 2018? Regards. KEV.