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Campaign Turn 6

TURN 6 (FALL 2495)

EVENT – (10) Bumper Harvest – Resource Points are doubled in turn 7.

            Jorumundar occupies Loren, Rhea, Jahar, Ptarth.

            The Draakheeri occupies Stielsand, Og Agog and Etaine.

            The Nastrond raze Kabanov.

            The Sword Brothers occupy Arkham.

Gargyln and Dwaffen movements on Urthas (Sandar Island)
The Gargyln Lord Zothomog(valorous, mage, horseman, maneuver) commanding Cythlla(strategist, valorous, charismatic), Apsu (valorous, engineer, charismatic), 2 shub-nuggrath, 4 Chorazin, 2 star-spawn, 5 ironbound attacls the Dwaffen Kriegsdrak Sindri (charismatic) commanding 12 mercenary pike who was sent out to cover the withdrawal of the Dwaffen to the Portal. Battle is joined at Hex 0941.  Gargyln victory. Gargyln sustained 5 step losses.  Dwaffen sustain 41 step losses.
The Gargyln Harbringer, Lorelei, enters at portal F9 and marches to Hyperion via hex 0938, there she encounters the Dwaffen 3rd Anvil. At Hex 0938 she encounters the Dwaffen First Anvil (2 panzeren, 3 soldaten, 2 bombadiers, 2 warbears) commanded by Uterlandsdrak Ballum II (great captain).  Lorelei declines to engage the Dwaffen in battle.  Conenting herself to make proclemations demanding their adoration or doom.  The Dwaffen, for their part maintain discipline and continue their march to the Portal.

The Armies of Xanthus of Nastrond have invaded the Dwaffenreich.

Xanthus' attack into the Dwaffenreich
At hex 0608 Dwaffen (1 corsair) and Nastrond (1 grave horror) scouts skirmish. Nastrond victory.  Nastrond sustained no step losses.  Dwaffen sustained 4 step losses and are eliminated.

The Dwaffen hastily assemble a mercenary force at Segara (hex 0938) to defend the entrance to their homelands.  The Nastrond raiding force of 1 grave horror is destroyed by the Dwaffen garrison (4 ironbound, 4 pike, 3 bolt throwers, 1 wyvrnn).

The Armies of Nastrond led by the Arch-Liche Xanthus (great captain, charismatic, valorous, vainglorious, maneuver, magic user) himself, commanding Terminus Eldorado, 4 grave horrors, 5 wraths, baggage must force the bridge at the town of Geneet in order to reach the Dwaffen capital.  Landsdrak Foffen (charismatic) assembles the 2nd Avnil (2 panzeren, 6 soldaten, 2 bombadiers, 2 warbears) at Geneet to defend the entrance to their homelands. Nastrond victory.  Nastrond sustained 12 step losses.  Dwaffen sustained 27 step losses.

Masovian advances into Voystroya and the reduction of Hubashag.
The Sword Brothers converge on the Voystroyans occupying Hubashag.  The Sword Brothers are led by Grandmaster Bartorsky VIII (great captain, maneuver) commanding Grand Marshall Godfry (strategist), Marshall Grimlok (engineer), Duke Robert (maneuver), Marshall Raymond (maneuver), Magnus Commendator (charismatic), Sigmund (valorous), Jaden of the Flaming Sword (harbringer),10 brethern knights, 2 kosaki, 4 forgeguard, 4 gryphon legion, 10 war mammoths, 14 bolt throwers.  The Voystroyan defenders (4 druzhina cavalry) are led by Count Yarolsav (vainglorious, great captain, valorous, horseman). Sword Brothers victory.  Sword Brothers sustained 16 step losses.  Voystroyans sustained 230 step losses.

The Draaks assault the Jorumdarian garrison (2 ironbound mercenaries) at Tor Almor.  The Draakheeri lord Mareebane (vainglorious) commands 1 paladin, 1 raptor, 1 slashers, 1 elementals, 3 rangers, 2 swordmaster. Draak victory.  Draaks sustained 2 step losses.  Jormundar sustained 48 step losses.

The Draaks (2 swordmasters) assault the Sword Brothers (3 ungol horse archers) occupying Nerthus. Draak victory.  Draks sustained 3 step losses.  Sword Brothers sustained 5 step losses.

The Draaks (6 swordmasters, 1 ranger) assault the Nastond garrison (1 skeleton guard) occupying Kaalin. Draak victory. Draaks sustained no step losses.  Nastrond sustained 59 step losses.

The Draakheeri Lord Thane(GC) commanding 1 paladin, 1 raptor, 2 slashers, 1 hippogryph, 1 ballista, 2 elementals, 3 rangers assault the Nastond garrison (1 skeleton guard) occupying Burdon. Draak victory.  Draaks sustained 1 step loss.  Nastrond sustained 49 step losses.

The Draaks (1 raptor cavalry) assault the Voystroyan garrison (1 mercenary pike) at Tashmentu. Draak victory.  Draaks sustained 1 step loss.  Voystroyans sustained 8 step losses.

The Draaks (1 ranger) assault the Voystroyan garrison (1 mercenary pike) at Yvesse. Draak victory.  Draaks sustained 1 step loss.  Voystroyans sustained 4 step losses.

The Draaks (1 ranger) assault the Voystroyan garrison (1 mercenary pike) at Cor Colari. Draak victory.  Draaks sustained 2 step losses.  Voystroyans sustained 3 step losses.

Draakheeri Empire: Burdon, Kaalin, Tor Almor, Silvandros, Tiranoc, Stielstand, Og Agog, Nerthus, Narn, Luonator, Dis, Draakheeros, Cultheeros, Cestus, Elyrion, Etaine, Tashmentu, Yvesse, Cor Colari
Masovian Sword Brothers: Hubashag, 2209, Volksrad, Kerak, Terun, krak Uskowk, 2816, Arkham, Berengaria, Kish, Ordensburn, Mogador, Thrudvang, 3120, Bog-a-hat
Kingdom of Jormundar: Aesgaard, The Crystal Palace, F11, Oceanos, Asarelium, Iapetus, Loren, Kronos, Baersoning, Jormundgaard, Mnemnosyne, Tor Lothern, Valenwood, Rhea, Jahar, Ptarth
Gargyln:  Hyperion, Apsu, F11, Crystal Palace, Timeaus
Nastrond: Geneet, 0608, Kabanov, Nergal, Sayrusa, Venta, Vectis, Delos, Ianna, Ammur, Gheat Ogham, Kurst, Kalaach
Dwaffenreich: 0939, Hasturas, Ninurta, Grymylde, Omer Gonsrat, Omer Kolderm, Castle Syfax, Kirkins, Timeaus, D12, the Pyramid
Duchy of Voystroya: Voystroya, Andeirda, Harazhan, Krak Ramaejk, Nagate, Ophir

Final Positions at the end of Turn 7

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