Sunday, June 10, 2012

Campaign Turn 3


EVENT – (4) Extreme weather.  Heat, drought and dust storms reduce lines of supply to 1 hex and all movement is reduced by half in turn 4.

Sir Draconarius (strat, val) of Jormundar lays siege to the pirate capital of Kronos.   Draconarius commands Sir Scudamore (nav, val), Jormundgand the Dragon, 4 valkyrie, 2 ulfendar, 1 warg, 1 thegn, 10 ironbound mercenaries.  Kronos is defended by Gunderic (vain, nav, engineer) commanding Gelimer (vain, nav, engineer), 6 winged serpants, 2 bodyguard, 5 warrior bands, 2 headtakers, 2 young warriors, 2 beastmen, 6 dragonships.  Jormundar sustains 3 step losses.  The Pirates sustain 11 step losses.

The Voystroyan Count Oleg (vain, GC, val, horse) commanding 4 Druzhina cavalry, 2 druzhina foot, 3 voi infantry, 2 archers, 1 warbeast assaults Andeirda which is defended by the Masovian mercenary commander Bidaballs commanding 5 mercenary pike, 2 mercenary corsairs, 4 mercenary war mammoths. Voystroyan victory.  Voystroyans sustain 10 step losses.  The Masovians sustain 65 step losses.

Count Yaroslav (vain, GC, val, horse) of Voystroya commanding 4 Druzhina cavalry, 2 druzhina foot, 2 archers, 1 warbeast assaults Hubashag which is defended by General Aziel (vain) commanding 4 forgeguard, 4 gryphon legion, 8 mercenary pike, 6 mercenary war mammoths. Voystroyan victory.  Voystroyans sustain 22 step losses.  The Masovians sustain 57 step losses.

Jormundar occupies Tor Almor, builds a fort at the Crystal Palace, captures Asarelium and Iapetus.

The Gargyln capture Timeaus.

The Dwaffen capture the places of power – A3, B2, B9, C4, C10, C12, D1, D3 and E2 in the Otherworld.

Draakheeri Empire: Draakheeros, Dis, Ryn, Luonator, Kaalin, Elyrion, Tiranoc, Cultheeros, 2635
Masovian Sword Brothers: Thrudvang, Wolgast, Mogador, Mourngar, Ordensburg, Kish, Berengaria, Bog-a-hat, Og Agog, Haradsweald, Nerthus, Krak Svedora
Kingdom of Jormundar: Aesgaard, The Crystal Palace, Jormundgaard, Stielstand, Semargl, Oceanos, Silvandros, Valdigaard, Mnemnosyne, F11, Aesarelium, Iapetus, Kronos, Tor Almor
Gargyln:  1039, Apsu, F11, Hyperion, Timeaus, Crystal Palace
Nastrond: 1918, Nergal, Sayrusa, Venta, Vectis, Burdon, Delos, Ianna, Ammur, Gheat Ogham, Kurst
Dwaffenreich: A6, B11, C12, D11, Hasturas, Ninurta, Grymylde, Omer Gonsrat, Omer Kolderm, Castle Syfax, Hammerfest, F10, C10, B9, D3, C4, A3, B2, C12, D1, E2, the Pyramid
Duchy of Voystroya: Voystroya, Harazhan, Toschenko, Narn, Ophir, Malfosse, Krak Ramaejk, Nagate, Norden, Batala, Tashmentu, Cor Colari, Cestus, Yvesse, Phoebe, Andeirda, Hubashag
Barachan Pirates: Kronos, Thetys, Sarapentium, Loren, Wickford, Eataine, Lyngui, Saevestad, Spitzbergen

Campaign map with starting positions Turn 3

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